How To Last Longer In Bed

Do you have insecurities when it comes to satisfying your woman?  After sex, do you ever feel like you should have done more?  Whether you actually suffer from premature ejaculation, or you’re just not lasting as long as you’d like, learning how to last longer in bed is something most men desperately want.

How To Last Longer In Bed

How Do You Last Longer In Bed?

Some men think that pumping for 5-10 minutes is all that a woman needs.   Other men suffer from premature ejaculation and believe that it’s an incurable medical condition.  Still other men want to want to perform longer, but simply don’t believe that they’re capable of all-night marathon sex sessions.  The truth is that there is just one obstacle stopping most men from lasting as long as they want in bed – they have simply never been taught how.

You’ve asked yourself the question “how can I last longer in bed?” to yourself hundreds of time, so why can’t you do it?  The answer is simple: you’ve never had a chance to learn.  When you’re a kid and you want to learn to play football, you find a coach.  As a young adult, when you first had to do your taxes, cook a juicy steak on the grill, or even just dress right for a night on the town – you either read a book, looked it up online, or watched how other guys did it.  But when it comes to learning how to last longer in bed and pleasing our women, there’s a stigma attached with any type of learning.  Of course, unless you’re one of those rare, lucky few that just has a natural talent in bed (and most guys who think they do, definitely don’t) – why shouldn’t you learn how to control your stamina?

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Ways To Last Longer In Bed

Here are some basic tips to last longer in bed, just to get you started.  If you’re serious about finding out how to last longer in bed, there’s a lot more to learn, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere right?


Changing your mindset during masturbation can be a key element to helping you last longer in bed.  Most men grow up masturbating with the sole goal of reaching orgasm as soon as possible.  Is it surprising then that this mindset dominates during actual intercourse?  Start approaching masturbation as a marathon, rather than a sprint to the finish.  Set a goal for yourself – the amount of time you’d want intercourse to last – and start building up towards that goal

Not only can changing your mindset during masturbation help you change your mental approach to intercourse, but it can also help you learn to physically control your arousal.  When you find yourself approaching ejaculation during masturbation, try to get as close to your ejaculatory threshold as possible, and then back off.  You can keep doing this until you reach your desired goal.  One important key here is not to control your arousal by reducing stimulation, but try reducing arousal by focusing your mind on something completely unarousing – baseball, long division, your grandma’s panties – whatever works for you.  By learning to control your arousal even while you’re being stimulated, you’ll be able to apply your new mental state even during intercourse.

Pre-intercourse masturbation can also be a practical tool to help you last longer in bed.  If you’re finding yourself getting too excited with anticipation during foreplay, masturbating 30-60 minutes prior to sex can help lower your sex drive to a more controllable level.

Last Longer In Bed Exercises

Mastering Kegal exercises will not only help you last longer in bed, but it’ll make your orgasms that much more pleasurable.  Kegal exercises are contractions you can perform on your Pubococcygeus muscle, also known as the PC muscle.  The PC muscle is the muscle responsible for the pleasurable contractions you experience during orgasm.  By strengthening those muscles, you can actually learn to physically hold back your orgasm.  In fact, many men who have been practicing Kegal exercises for years can actually have multiple orgasms.

To do Kegal exercises, you need to locate your PC muscle.  The PC muscle is the same muscle you use to stop your urine mid stream, so to locate your PC muscle try stopping your urine multiple times in midstream.  You can then do those same contractions multiple times a day, strengthening your PC muscle and allowing you physical control over your orgasm.

Altering Techniques & Switching Positions

In addition to changing your mental approach, one of the proven techniques to last longer in bed is to alter your trusting.  While thrusting deep and hard may feel pleasurable, the direct stimulation on the head of the penis may cause you to finish prematurely.  Try switching up from thrusting motions to a slow pelvic grind.  The lessened stimulation on the head of your penis will prolong intercourse.  If you want to take this further, there are techniques you can use while grinding that can directly stimulate the woman’s clitoris, allowing you to not only last longer in bed, but also give her tremendous pleasure.

In addition to changing your thrusting style, switching positions can offer you relief if you’re about to reach climax.  You’ll need to learn positions that allow you to receive and give pleasure without being so stimulating that you reach climax.  One basic position every man is familiar with is woman on top.  With the woman on top, there is a lot less pressure on the head of the penis, allowing you to last indefinitely provided you have reached the correct mental state.

Once you’ve reduced your level of arousal, you’ll be ready to throw your woman on her back or onto her knees and start thrusting away again.  Learn and master new positions that allow you this state of reprieve, and not only will you last longer in bed, but you’ll give your woman new and unfamiliar stimulation, mix up a stale sex life, and keep her on her toes.

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How To Stop Premature Ejaculation

A lot of men think that premature ejaculation is just a medical condition that can’t be cured.  The truth is, premature ejaculation is a mental condition triggered by psychological factors that can be reversed by retraining the way your mind views sex.  Just like any other man that wants to learn how to last longer in bed, men experiencing premature ejaculation can prolong sex to last 5, 10, 20, 30 minutes, even an hour or more.  It just takes the right knowledge and practice.

How To Last Longer In Bed For Men

Hopefully these tips will get you started, but these ideas only scratch the surface of what’s possible when you truly learn to master your own state of mind in the bedroom.  The goal is not to learn a bunch of tricks to last longer in bed, but to change your mindset so that your mind and body are completely 100% tuned to prolonging intercourse and pleasuring your woman, as mindlessly and effortlessly as an NFL quarterback throws a football.

There’s no simple trick to lasting longer in bed.  Just like looking up recipes won’t teach you how to be a master chef, just like reading a Forbes article doesn’t make you Warren Buffet, and just like playing a few chords on your guitar doesn’t make you Jimi Hendrix, you will need to apply yourself and make changes in the way you mentally approach sex if you want to truly master the art of lasting longer in bed and endlessly pleasing your lover, girlfriend, or wife – until she’s lying in bed quivering, totally spent.

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