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29 Jun

Premature Ejaculation Prevention Tips

Delay SprayYou know the feeling: You’ve just got down to having intercourse and you’ve only gone for five minutes, before that unmistakable feeling hits you.  Before you know it, your semen is everywhere, and you very little warning.  If you want to know how to delay spray, then you have to control your body, control your focus, and even control your lifestyle.  A healthy person has healthy, satisfying sex.  If you want to have satisfying sex and figure out how to delay spray, then you will want to hit the gym.  A good workout is the first step.

Exercise Your Body, Not Just Your Penis

One of the best ways to delay spray is to make sure that you are in shape.  Too often, men find that they are ejaculating too quickly.  Well, one of the reasons is that this is a psychological reflex.  You have a little warning flag in the back of your mind saying, “You can’t go any further, you are getting too tired, you have to orgasm now.”  Not only will you be able to shut off this annoying little loop, but you will also have several other health benefits; the sexual kind, of course.

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When you are very much in shape, you don’t have to worry about tiring out, which means that you will know that you don’t have to orgasm soon.  In addition to that, you will find that you are getting much more solid erections and your muscles under your balls are much tighter.  Simply doing cardio or anything with your legs will get the job done, but the good part is that these muscles have direct control over your orgasm reflexes.

Also, you will experience better blood flow to the penis, which as we mentioned before results in better, harder erections.  You know what it feels like when your arm falls asleep right?  You can’t feel, or control, your fingers and forearm as well.  The same is true with your penis.  When you don’t have good blood flow to the pelvic region, you simply do not have the control you want.

Masturbation: The Key To Great Sex

Yes, we are about to tell you to masturbate.  A lot.  But, don’t get too excited just yet (no pun intended).

It is important that you begin your masturbation routine with a little experimentation in mind.  You want to figure out your body and pinpoint the exact moment when you are about to orgasm, but have just enough strength to stop it.  When you find this “point of no return”, you are not just guessing on your orgasms.  They will no longer take you by surprise, and that is half the battle.  If you want to know how to delay spray, get the lotion ready.

This method is called The Percentages Method, but its developmental origins are unknown.  The Percentages Method is getting your mind trained to figure out what percentage your excitement level is at the time.  For instance, getting stuck in traffic, while listening to car insurance commercials will probably yield a big fat 0% on the sexual excitement level.  Seeing a really hot girl step out of the shower, however, might get you to a 50%.  The best way to delay spray is to keep yourself at a 70%, which is between foreplay (60%) and an almost orgasm (85%).

How you use this system is when you feel yourself drifting upwards to around 85%, then you do something that had you back down to 60%.  This doesn’t mean that you have to stop having intercourse at this point.  If a “reverse cowgirl” gets you to a 60%, then that’s the position you move to.

The Cowgirl Method

We did just invent the name of this method, but it’s a tactic that has been used by men since the beginning of time.  If you want to last longer, get her on top.  Men tend to orgasm faster when they feel like they are in control.  It’s a primitive instinct kind of thing.

When she’s on top, you get to benefit from a few things:

  • You don’t feel as stimulated, because not only is her vagina wider at the top, but also her vaginal lips are putting pressure at the base of your shaft.  That will keep an orgasm away pretty quickly.
  • Next, your semen will be working against gravity, which will give you another couple of minutes.
  • She is in control, which means that she will be able to put your penis exactly where it stimulates her, the most.  You don’t have to have to tell her this step; she’ll just do it automatically.  The benefit is that she might orgasm first, which is like giving you the green light, and you no longer have to delay spray.
  • This method means that you don’t have to stop having satisfying intercourse, and still reap the benefits of lasting longer.

In addition to that, you might want to keep looking for other positions that are stimulating for her, and not so stimulating for you.  Again, the benefit is that you are trying to get her to win this race.  This is one finish line where breaking the tape is a bad thing.

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Ladies First

If you use the “ladies first rule”, then there are lots of benefits you can experience.  Among the many is the fact that no one really expects you to keep going for another 20 minutes after she had an orgasm.  If fact, the opposite is true.  If you don’t have an orgasm within five minutes after her orgasm, that can be taken that you aren’t aroused enough to have one.  It is best to try and stick with the five-minute window after you made her orgasm.  Of course, this mixes things up a bit if she is capable of having multiple orgasms.  Then it sort of becomes a contest.

If you are trying to cure premature ejaculation, then make sure that you are taking not of your own body, and learning what stimulates hers.  Being preoccupied with getting her satisfied is a great way to delay spray.

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